The LIFE Miera project aims to deliver a river basin management approach to the recovery of habitat types and species populations of Community interest along the full length of the Miera River.

  • The project will create, restore and improve the conservation status of a series of targeted habitats selected for their scarcity, ecological importance and/or representativeness in the Natura 2000 areas along the river, including: Sphagnum acid bogs, riparian forests, montane forests, coastal sand dunes, dry Atlantic coastal heaths and estuaries.
  • Habitat restoration actions will include the planting of native species, removal of invasive species, cleaning up of waste, protection from human disturbance and adaptation of river barriers. Where appropriate the project will also deliver land stewardship and hunting agreements to ensure good habitat management.
  • The project will seek to improve basic knowledge of the population conservation status and habitat used by a number of targeted animal and plant species. These will be selected for their ecological, educational and socio-economic importance, including: Atlantic salmon, (Salmo salar), European otter (Lutra lutra) and European chain fern (Woodwardia radicans).