Throughout the project, a total of 35,000 trees have been planted at the headwater of the Miera basin. These trees, all of them are native species, increase the wooded area with 62 hectares of ​​the SCI Montaña Oriental, in Cantabria, and Montes de Valnera, in Burgos.

To achieve this, 11 land stewardship agreements have been signed with dwellers of San Roque de Riomiera and Vega de Pas villages. These land stewardshio agreements increase the area reforested with native trees and free of fires, and at the same time they keep generating a essential alliance for the conservation of nature among the LIFEMiera Project, FNYH and the local population.

For the plantation, those species best adapted to the altitude conditions, soil type and orientation of each site have been selected. In addition, the plantation of pioneer and colonizing species, such as the birch, the rowan, the whitebeam and the alder, are preferred; along with others that will form forest masses such as ash, beech or oak. All the plants have been raised in the El Pendo Forest Nursery, linked indissolubly to the activity of FNYH and the LIFE Miera Project.

On the other hand, 60 hectares of reforested land have been protected from fires, through silvopasture management with a flock of sheep of Carranzana breed and the opening and maintenance of firebreaks, which prevent the spread to the forested areas of the fires that during the winter ravage the scrub areas of the Miera headwater.

In order to know the degree of success of tree implantation, an annual monitoring of all reforestation is carried out, measuring parameters such as the growth of the trees and the number of trees or specimens that have not survived.


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