E.1. Design, setting up and animation of the website associated with the Project

It is about the creation and provisional of contents of this Web page, which will be the one that will host the progress of the project and will make available to all the interested people the documents, manuals, brochures and other materials generated throughout the project.

E.2. Environmental Education Programme “The Floating Forests”

It is a wide and ambitious programme linked to the objectives of the project and focused on different sectors of society, such as schoolchildren, teachers, fishermen, hunters, farmers, technicians and guards of Public Administrations, private owners, visitors and tourism, etc.

The program as a whole will be named “The Floating Forests”, making reference to the fact that the main cause of loss of biodiversity in the area is the deforestation suffered in the 17th and 18th centuries for the construction of ships and artillery of the Spanish Navy.

Multiple educational and informative actions will be developed in each of the project’s habitats, as well as in schools, meeting places or the Ecomuseum Fluviarium in Lierganes village.