Awareness of the “Iberian West” as a transnational ecological unit of enormous value for the conservation of biodiversity at European level.


  • To promote the territorial self-esteem of the whole of the Iberian West.
  • To ensure that the local population knows and values positively the natural environment in which they live.
  • To make farm owners proud of their territories and the nature they conserve.
  • To overcome administrative borders by showing the case of the lands integrated in the Club as an ecological and cultural unit. The Iberian West, with similar habitats and wild species, with similar traditional agricultural uses and with similar possibilities of future development, is (regardless of the fact that it is a territory belonging to two countries and four different regions) a unique natural area.
  • To promote the high eco-cultural values of the Western Iberian area and the Iberian West Club in the world.
  • To highlight the participation and commitment of the European Union and LIFE in the participation of the Project.

Club de Fincas Salamanca -Extremadura Localizacion Reservas Fundación Naturaleza y Hombra

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