The Finca Club combines the management of nesting areas in the Sierra with that of the foraging and feeding areas. The Sierra de Gata, as well as the neighbouring areas of Peña Francia and Las Hurdes, are home to a breeding population of black vultures of around 107 pairs, which is about 7% of the Spanish population. At the same time, it constitutes the northern limit of its breeding area. Likewise, the large extensions of holm oak woods in the area of Campo Charro and the large areas of grazing to the south of it constitute one of the main feeding areas of the nesting populations in the western mountain ranges of the Central System.

The management of these breeding and feeding areas would guarantee the viability of the species in the area in the medium and long term, controlling and eradicating its main threats: degradation and simplification of the habitat in breeding and foraging areas, disturbance during the breeding season and poisons.


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