The production of Iberian olive oil, honey, wine and processed meats, using criteria for the conservation of biodiversity and ecology. This will be carried out from Club farms with sustainable management, according to a code of good practice for ecosystem management that ATN and FNYH will implement on each farm.
The products will be marketed with a recognisable brand, protecting biodiversity, preferably in the Central European market, where they can reach prices higher than those in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. To this end, distribution and marketing channels linked to Central European conservation associations have already been contacted and have shown their willingness to collaborate in the initiative.
In addition to the economic return, the aim of this initiative is to demonstrate to other local producers, when checking the prices at which these products are sold, that they can adhere to the Club de Fincas del Oeste Ibérico (West Iberian Farming Club) by incorporating the criteria defined therein into their management




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