Conservation of the habitats and species of the Iberian West, in 10 Natura 2000 network sites, with actions to improve habitats through the creation of a Club of Property Owners, committed to the conservation of the natural values of the sites they look after and the improvement of the connectivity between them.

The West Iberian Farm Club is open to the incorporation of any interested farm owner in the Natura 2000 Network.

The incorporation to the club grants a series of rights: actions for conservation without cost; good practice plan in cattle, hunting and recreation uses; monitoring of species and habitats; permanent assistance for conservation; competitive advantage for producers and leadership at regional level. The commitment is to eliminate inappropriate practices.

The evaluation of the impact on the local socioeconomic environment of the proposed conservation actions enables us to know to what extent the development of the project as a whole affects local society. This is essential so that the population assumes the policy of nature conservation and does not see it as a foreign and external agent that merely conditions the uses of the territory.


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