Mediterranean ecosystem had a high human intervention from time immemorial through agroforestry uses that have led to a balance that allows the preservation of a rich biodiversity and generate high economic wealth.  However, in recent times, this balance is disappearing. Recover it is the objective of this LIFE Nature project of the European Union.

It is expected that 80% of schools in the area of influence participate in the environmental education program and visit spaces of the Club. Besides, it is expected that students of European universities conduct volunteer activities.

12 training courses on various subjects are offered to the local population.

The western Iberian Peninsula Club of Estates holds an annual workshop aimed at managers and actors of protected natural areas of Castilla and Leon, Extremadura, Central and Alto Alentejo Region: technical management personnel, forest rangers, local politicians, landowners, hunters , farmers, NGOs, beneficiaries of similar projects in Portugal and Spain, to exchange experiences.

Topics to consider:

  • Management of Mediterranean seasonal ponds.
  • Meadows management: best practices and la Seca.
  • Riparian forests as ecological corridors.
  • Management of birds of prey, necrophagous birds and black stork.
  • Sustainable livestock management.
  • Hunting and conservation.