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Transhumance and Nature Association is the area owner and it represents the first private reserve of Portugal which extends over 800 hectares in the Special Protection Area Coa Valley, located in the District of Guarda (Central Region). This is a deep valley carved by the Coa River in its course towards the Douro, which is tributary. With an area of 5 kilometers, in their cut or “esparpas” it is given a wide variety of habitats. The rock birds are the main faunal attraction, with the presence of black stork, Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture, golden eagle, eagle, eagle owl, European honey buzzard or black wheatear. The human relationship with the territory dates back to prehistoric dates, as evidenced by the rock carvings found in the area, with more than 22,000 years.

Un estudio científico demuestra que el caballo salvaje presta servicios ambientales