Campanarios de Azaba biological Reserve:

  • 522 hectares in Campo de Azaba

It is a property of Nature and Man Foundation since 2009 and it was acquired in the Life project “Biodiversity conservation in the Iberian West.” It is a property of Mediterranean mounts located in the southwest of Salamanca, in the Campo de Azaba LIC. Currently, breed inside the reserve black stork, short-toed eagle and booted eagle, being used by the black vulture as home range and search for food. It is within the critical area for the black stork.


El aroma de la primavera inunda la reserva de “Campanarios de Azaba” en el Oeste Ibérico

Cinco periodistas de Alemania, Suecia, Inglaterra y EEUU, informan este mes de abril de 2014 sobre el proyecto “Oeste Ibérico” y los planes de Rewilding Europe