The Natural Park of Las Batuecas is located in the southern province of Salamanca (Castile and Leon), particularly in the western part of the Central System, along the border with The Hurdes of Caceres. This is an area that covers 32,300 ha with a rugged terrain that highlights best known as peak Peña de France and some surrounding scree.

The dominant vegetation is the hick woodland, currently degraded, although some good signs are still preserved. In these forests we can find species such as Pyrenean oak, chestnut, oak, holm oak and alternate. In the bottom of the valleys and ravines facing south and east appear patches of Mediterranean forest of oak and oak that intermingled with arbutus, holly, mastic, yew and the occasional appearance of oak. In this area are abundant artificial reforestation carried out with Scots pine in the upper parts and black pine in the southeast sector.

With respect to fauna, it be should mentioned the presence of the mountain goat and the Iberian lynx, listed as endangered species. There are also other mammals such as otter, muskrat and three Iberian species of bats: large and small horseshoe bat and cave bat.