This reserve is located in the province of Salamanca in the southeastern part bordering the provinces of Avila and Caceres. It was declared in October 2006 and brings together 88 municipalities, covering an area of almost 200,000 hectares and 43,000 local inhabitants. It is managed by ASAM (Salamanca Association of Mountain Agriculture).

It is Included the Natural Park Batuecas-Sierra de Francia, the Natural Space Quilamas- Candelario, 8 LIC’s 5 ZEPA’s and the Batuecas National Hunting Reserve.

The Habitat diversity is evident with oak and oak forests and meadows of oaks. Along with these most common forest formations it is found other unique as strawberry trees, holly trees and Quercus robur.

Furthermore, into the Reserve, 34 goods were declared Properties of Cultural Interest: Paleolithic ruins, cave art, the Roman mining or the Roman consular “Via de la Plata”. To this it might be added eight local municipalities which have been declared Historical Artistic Complex.

In order to promote the orderly access of tourists and locals to the Biosphere Reserve the area is completed by infrastructures, facilities and other means. It thus has more than 450 km available called Grand Tour and it is all marked with interpretive signs. In addition, there are two interpretative centers: House of Natural Park Batuecas-Sierra de Francia in La Alberca and Interpretative Centre Reserve Biosphere in the Castle of San Martin del Castañar.