This reserve is managed through a verbal agreement between the proprietary company and FNyH

The Pozón of Dolores is a lagoon located just 5.5 km from the Bay of Santander center, more specifically in the neighborhood of Tojo Revilla, in the municipality of Camargo.

It is an ancient mining exploitation, that because of geographic conditions and, especially, by the retained water due to the water table, has evolved naturally and incidentally, towards environmental positions that could be considered of high ecological value. It is distinguished by hosting a large number of wintering migratory birds, which include the greylag goose (Anser anser).

Pozón of Dolores is composed mainly by meadows, separated by natural hedges. There, inhabit vegetal species of the area, potentially arboreal, such as the laurel, holm oak, oak and ash tree. There are also patches of repopulated eucalyptus. While the edge of the wetland is covered by reeds and rushes and a stretch of alders.

It is also very interesting to highlight the excellent condition of one repopulation carried out by FNYH with native species as oak, cherry tree, ash tree and walnut.

Regarding to the presence of wildlife, the current importance is due to aquatic birds. Probably, the progressive degradation suffered by the relict marshes of the eastern Bay of Santander (landfills, drainage, partitioning and isolation) is the main reason for the loss of biodiversity in the area.

The bay is an area traditionally visited by waterbirds such as great crested grebe, greylag goose or little bittern, which due to the loss of suitable habitat, are forced to look for new areas and concentrate on those that still remain.

The tasks performed annually in the Pozón of Dolores consist in control the pampas grass (not very widespread in the reserve) and the clearing of native vegetation in order to avoid competition with the planted species.


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