This reserve is managed through an agreement between the neighborhood council of Igollo, Camargo Town Hall and FNYH.

The reserve Natural place of Cueva del Juyo belongs to the locality of Igollo de Camargo in the neighborhood of Juyo. The town is located 35 meters above sea level, 3.6 kilometers to the municipal capital, Muriedas. North and west of the area are roads N-611 and A-67. South border is delimited by Peña Negra or Carral.

Juyo Cave is one of the main Palaeolithic fields in Cantabria, and also one of the best known and, certainly, the most important monument for to the town of Igollo. This cave is considered by some archaeologists the oldest sacred place in the world.

The surroundings of the cave Juyo and the proximities of the town of Igollo are characterized by the presence of a patch of Cantabrian holm oak forest that is mixed with eucalyptus plantations. This patch of forest is placed vertically in the vaults of the cave. The uncontrolled growth of its roots, mainly from eucalyptus, is substantially modifying the humidity of the cavity.

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