This reserve is managed through an agreement between the council of Camargo and FNyH.

The reserve matches to an old quarry, near which develops a mass of evergreen oaks. It is known as Quarry Bilbao and is located at the heart of Escobedo, in the district known as Barrio Alto.

At present, the Reserve Evergreen Oak forest of Escobedo and quarry of Bilbao is a space characterized by have been a limestone quarry in the past, now closed. After the abandonment of the mining activity, presents a considerable degree of naturalization. It has been adapted for climbing.

The Evergreen Oak forest stands out for its high ecological value. This is an adult forest with large trees, that has managed to survive in an area in which the plantations with species of eucalyptus has mushroomed. In this area appear species such as laurel or strawberry tree, typically associated with Evergreen oaks, and eucalyptus masses relegated to more rocky areas.

This reserve is representative of one of the most castigated ecosystem in the Cantabrian coast by extractive processes. Thus its ecological and patrimonial value is immense. Furthermore, it is a habitat that inherently favors the biodiversity increment.


  • Camargo Town Hall

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