This reserve is managed through an agreement between the neighborhood council of Igollo, Camargo Town Hall and FNYH.

Monterín Reserve is located in the municipality of Camargo, in the core of Igollo. It is linked to the Mount of Peñas Negras, located between Santa Cruz de Bezana, Camargo and Piélagos. In addition, the eastern area of Monterin is delimited by the Quarry of the Green. In the south is the town of Camargo and in the west the town of Maoño.

This is the natural union of small limestone mounts that host a Cantabrian holm oak forest in excellent conservation state. The Monterín is the largest representation of the relict holm oak forest of Camargo; in addition, this area also presents an important limestone “lapiés”. Inside the grooves, it is possible that pioneer vegetation will take root if the accumulated sediment forms a soil. The conservation potential of The Monterín is huge and it offers the possibility of developing actions aimed to the increase of biodiversity in this unique space.


  • Neighborhood council of Igollo
  • Camargo Town Hall

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