It is an innovative project, which aims to contribute to the conservation of natural areas of ecological interest through direct involvement of owners, local authorities and regional and national administrations in collaboration with NGOs. This method of work is called Land Stewardship and it is implemented in many areas in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

It involves, in short, to imply municipalities in preserving their Natural Environment, using as a working tool the Municipal Reserves, in which agreements between the municipalities or the Neighborhood Councils and the custodian entity (FNYH) are established; Voluntary Reserves through agreements with private landowners; Owned Reserves, where the owner is FNYH.

It is a program that globalizes nature conservation, to be a support formula, complementary to the conventional preservation system of protected areas. But it is also an example of public participation, with the collaboration of NGOs, private landowners, government and volunteers.

Objectives of the program:

Promote the conservation of the environment in the territorial planning of municipalities, through the development of a Technical Assistance to Local Authorities.

Promoting sustainable development, through the globalization of the conservation of areas of environmental interest, being consistent with the objectives of the fifth Community program of policy and action on Environment and Sustainable Development and the Spanish Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity.

Define the type of protection applicable to municipal areas and their management systems according to their territorial characteristics and legal regime.