The Danube Delta is a vast wetland located on the bank of Black Sea in Romania. This is one of the last wildest and unknown paradises of Europe. Millions of European birds and foreign continents flock to this place to nest. In the delta, around 15,000 people live and receives more than 45,000 tourists a year.

Despite its biodiversity, the Danube Delta is increasingly threatened:

  • Water Contamination in the upper and a half basin
  • Progressive agricultural occupancy, with fillings and desiccation of wetlands.
  • In some areas they have been extracted up to 95% of fish using illegal methods.
  • Impact on some areas, affecting various species.
  • Lack of administrative measures to implement basic conservation capabilities.

To achieve the overall objective of improving the conservation status of this estuary, FNYH execute a series of actions:

  • Expansion through Partnership for reserve “last frontier”, trying to get concessions related to the more than 1,000 existing hectares.
  • Application for land conservation over an area of at least 20,000 hectares.
  • Development of a training project of the population of small villages.
  • Implementation of a tourism project based on nature conservation and development.
  • Creation of a biological station on the premises of the final frontier.
  • Monitoring to prevent poaching of hunting and fishing in this part of the delta.
  • Education and environmental awareness for adults and schoolchildren, focusing on the value of delta for humanity and for sustainable use.
  • Work with communities to promote sustainable fishing.
  • Reintroduction of extinct species, especially large herbivores.

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