The Club of Estates combines the management of nesting areas in the Sierra with the management of grazing and feeding areas. The Sierra de Gata, as well as the border areas of Peña France and Las Hurdes, host a breeding population of black vulture, close to 107 pairs, that represents about 7% of the Spanish population. At the same time, it constitutes the northern border of its breeding area. Likewise, large tracts of evergreen oaks existing in the area of Campo Charro and large parts of Pyrenean oaks located at the South, constitute one of the main feeding areas for the population breeding in the western mountains of Central System.

The management of these breeding and feeding areas would guarantee the viability of the species in the environment in the short and long term, what would allow the control and eradication of the main threats: Habitat degradation and simplification in breeding and grazing areas, hassles in the breeding season and poisons.